Date of Event:
October 8, 2017 12:00 PM
Location of Event:
Village Bowl in front of Eagle Chairlift
Price of Event:
Depends on your bid.
About the event

Keep a piece of Falls Creek history at the Eagle Chair Auction.

Come and bid for one of up to 40 Eagle chairs on October the 8th at 12:00pm in the Village Bowl.

Winners will not only go home with their prized possession but, will also get to ride on Eagle Chairlift for one last time.

All proceeds made are donated to the Falls Creek Historical Society.

Conditions of Auction

·         50 chairs will be auctioned (the remaining 30 retained post auction for donation to RMB to be used as village seating)

·         Chairs will each have a minimum reserve

·         Some chairs will attract a premium price eg: #1, #7 & of course “everyone’s favourite number”

·         Bids will only be accepted in person – meaning bidders must be present or be represented by proxy

·         Full payment of chairs will be required on the day (FCSL will accept cash or card)

·         Any chairs ‘passed in’ on auction day will be made available for purchase through an online line auction

·         Successful bidders will have their choice of chair number (aka Joker Poker)

·         Successful bidder will have until a certain date to collect their purchase – after which time, the chair will be considered unclaimed and added to the online auction inventory

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October 8, 2017
Depends on your bid.
Eagle Chair Auction
Village Bowl in front of Eagle Chairlift
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